Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honey Girl Organics (for guys too!)

A new product out there on the market is coming out of Hawaii. Honey Girl Organics is natural, totally organic and contains absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES. (For those of you who don't know the reasons why preservatives are frowned upon please read this blog.) They use olive oil and honey/bee products to make their creams and cleanser. Each product is designed therapeutically to work with the skin to hydrate, protect and rejuvenate.

(Image courtesy of Honey Girl Organics)
Why Honey?
Honey is one of natures greatest foods. A few of the many benefits of honey are explained by its natural Humectant, Antibacterial, and Antioxidant properties. For centuries humans have been reaping the benefits of the lives and hard work performed by agricultures most important partner. Honey Bees! You enjoy the taste, but did you know it can protect your skin against infection, sooth inflamed skin and lessen or completely remove signs of scarring? 

Companies such as this are helping to bring focus back to the benefits of natures partners in health. Right now in the world Honey Bees are dying and entire colonies are being destroyed by the use of pesticides and GMO (genetically modifies organisms). Colony collapse they call it. Organic Honey farmers are important to the future of Honey Bees and therefore the future of humanity.

Honey Girl Organics has their own honey bee hives, and so is in complete control of their products form pollen to package. A rare but supremely important business model. 

Why do I recommend Honey Girl?
I have dry, sensitive skin and I need good skin products that will keep my skin moisturized all day. The Honey Girl face and eye cream does just that. I got a trial size of this from the company to try and after just one day I was completely sold. I use is after shaving and after cleansing. Their cleanser is best for very dry skin as it is very heavy and oily, but when used on appropriate skin it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, penetrating deeply. One of my favorite products in their line is the Personal Lubricant. I was apprehensive at first because it is sold in a jar and you have to dip your hand in it to use it. At first it was kind of strange, but I got used to not contaminating the contents and even when I did it is protected by the natural antibiotic properties of the honey anyway. This Lubricant is a replica of the real thing. My wife and I use it occasionally and find it to be the best we have tried. Once she even had a bit of an issue with the skin around her eye and we used this because of what we know about honey. Just a few hours later she had relief from an irritating dry patch around her eye. Gone in two days! 

My passion for natural products is only matched by the passion by the companies making these gems. I hope you will take a chance to try this amazing line.

Available at Whole Foods Market in Southern California and Hawaii or at the web page HoneyGirlOrganics

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