Sunday, July 25, 2010

EWG's 2010 Sunscreen Guide

EWG's 2010 Sunscreen Guide

Now we have a clear and defined guide to what should and should not be used on our bodies to protect against sun damage. There is no reason to get cancer from sunblock when the the sun would do the job without the trouble. Follow this guide and stop the chemical madness!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Natural Deodorant you can "sweat" excited about

Working in a health food store has given me an opportunity to discuss certain natural anomalies on the market with customers. We all want to know how we can switch from the aluminum, chemical scariness of main market deodorants and save ourselves from cancer, skin rashes and other health problems as a result. It really shouldn't be that hard, but haven't we all tried one of the natural deodorants and asked "Why did I bother"? They leave us wanting something from two worlds. A paradox. Natural and Effective!!!! Is it possible? I believe so.

For the super natural consumer who is all raw and/or a home remedy advocate there is good old fashioned lemons. Just cut open a lemon and squeeze the juice into your hand. Then apply under arm. Done. Fresh and completely natural.

If your more comfortable with the average delivery method of a spray or stick, listen up. There are a few very good options.
First: (My favorite)
Aubrey Organics Men's Stock and Aubrey Organics E plus High C Deodorants
Aubrey Organics - Men's Stock Deodorant Herbal Pine, 4 fl oz sprayor                     Aubrey Organics - E Plus High C Deodorant, 3 fl oz roll-on
I've used a dozen other products and found these to be the best. Personally I get better results with the Men's Stock. It has a pine musky scent, sprays on and dries fast, and is the only natural deodorant that is "almost" an antiperspirant. It can't really claim to be antiperspirant without aluminum, but I have found it to keep me more dry than any other alternative crystal or stick.

Crystal Deodorants are by far the most popular alternative to chemical deodorants and for good reason. They work. But only for a few months until your own super bacteria form a resistance to it. Given a few months off you'll be able to go right back to them. So alternate every bottle of Aubrey with crystal deodorants such as:
Thai       Thai Deodorant Stick 4.25 oz

Crystal Body DeodorantCrystal Body Deodorant Men's Stick 4.25 Ounces
or just the Crystal Rock                        Crystal Body Deodorant Rock 3 Ounces

Happy days ahead!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honey Girl Organics (for guys too!)

A new product out there on the market is coming out of Hawaii. Honey Girl Organics is natural, totally organic and contains absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES. (For those of you who don't know the reasons why preservatives are frowned upon please read this blog.) They use olive oil and honey/bee products to make their creams and cleanser. Each product is designed therapeutically to work with the skin to hydrate, protect and rejuvenate.

(Image courtesy of Honey Girl Organics)
Why Honey?
Honey is one of natures greatest foods. A few of the many benefits of honey are explained by its natural Humectant, Antibacterial, and Antioxidant properties. For centuries humans have been reaping the benefits of the lives and hard work performed by agricultures most important partner. Honey Bees! You enjoy the taste, but did you know it can protect your skin against infection, sooth inflamed skin and lessen or completely remove signs of scarring? 

Companies such as this are helping to bring focus back to the benefits of natures partners in health. Right now in the world Honey Bees are dying and entire colonies are being destroyed by the use of pesticides and GMO (genetically modifies organisms). Colony collapse they call it. Organic Honey farmers are important to the future of Honey Bees and therefore the future of humanity.

Honey Girl Organics has their own honey bee hives, and so is in complete control of their products form pollen to package. A rare but supremely important business model. 

Why do I recommend Honey Girl?
I have dry, sensitive skin and I need good skin products that will keep my skin moisturized all day. The Honey Girl face and eye cream does just that. I got a trial size of this from the company to try and after just one day I was completely sold. I use is after shaving and after cleansing. Their cleanser is best for very dry skin as it is very heavy and oily, but when used on appropriate skin it moisturizes and nourishes the skin, penetrating deeply. One of my favorite products in their line is the Personal Lubricant. I was apprehensive at first because it is sold in a jar and you have to dip your hand in it to use it. At first it was kind of strange, but I got used to not contaminating the contents and even when I did it is protected by the natural antibiotic properties of the honey anyway. This Lubricant is a replica of the real thing. My wife and I use it occasionally and find it to be the best we have tried. Once she even had a bit of an issue with the skin around her eye and we used this because of what we know about honey. Just a few hours later she had relief from an irritating dry patch around her eye. Gone in two days! 

My passion for natural products is only matched by the passion by the companies making these gems. I hope you will take a chance to try this amazing line.

Available at Whole Foods Market in Southern California and Hawaii or at the web page HoneyGirlOrganics

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Evan Healy Skin Care Review

Evan Healy Skin Care is one of the gems of the natural beauty market. There are many competitors our there fighting for a spot in the natural skin market and new companies being born almost every week. Lets say you are looking for a facial care line that will have the cleanest ingredients, the most useful products that deliver results. All while being a globally minded company! You have found it here.

The creator Evan Healy is a eco-conscious esthetician with a passion for pure essential oils and rich botanical ingredients from real, true and green sources. Plants. Her blog is a great read.

As new skin care lines come to my attention I find myself comparing them to Evan Healy's products. As if they are the standard for "Natural". This is because when you read their ingredients list you find only words you know and understand. Many of them are latin, but it is easy to identify they are a plant, not some modern chemical equation made into matter. The products have power in simplicity. The second marker of their success is the plain effectiveness of every cream, toner, serum and cleanser.

The line consists of three skin care systems, one eye cream, two specialty serums and two face/body creams.

The Blue Line
This portion of products consists of a cleanser, toner/hydrosol, moisturizer, serum and Green tea clay mask.

Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk

Evan Healy Lavender Cleansing Milk 4 oz cleanserThis Milk Cleanser is so gentle, it is almost safe to eat. Please don't try, but you could. I use the Blue cleanser for shaving because it helps to prevent razor burn and keeps my skin soft and easy to shave. Its ok for all skin conditions, but is extra good for those with inflamed or blotchy red skin.

Lavender Facial Tonic Hydrosol

Evan Healy Lavender Facial Tonic 4 oz liquidToners are essential for our skin to re-establish pH and this toner helps the skin cells to rejuvenate and hydrate. Hydrosols are made through a special distillation technique that allows for the greatest hydration to your skin.

The Hydrosols by Evan are some of the most refreshing toners I have used. Their simpleness is the secret to their success.

The Rose Line
Evan Healy Rose Face Care KitMade especially for those who want to focus on 
rejuvenation, this line if for oily/dry skin and helps with 
fine line and wrinkles. It is great for mature skin and if 
you want to add a beautiful rossy glow to your face.

Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf Body Cream
My favorite part of the line is the selection of two face and body creams consisting of Shea Butter, and essential oils. These are used for people with very dry skin and those who love the smells of vanilla, or patchouli.

Can I say best after-shave ever? This is a heavy moisturizing cream. It consists of rich and moisturizing oils, therapeutic essential oils and flower essences. Thank you Evan for such a well made product. MMMmmmm and it smells of sweet vanilla.
Evan Healy Shea Butter with Olive Leaf